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ABOUT VITA 4 in 1 Sanitiser

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VITA 4 in 1 Sanitiser is a product with nontoxic, natural ingredients and is biocompatible with our own immune system offering highly effective antimicrobial properties. International scientists claim that microbes have not built a resistance to VITA 4 in 1 Sanitiser, unlike with antibiotics. Other benefits include:

1. Reduced URT infections
2. Reduced need for and dependency on antibiotics
3. Reduced costs of medical treatment
4. Product is highly suitable for immune-compromised patients
5. Reduced cross-contamination and infection


VITA 4 in 1 Sanitiser consists of stabilized hypochlorous (HOCI). HOCI is a unique, non-toxic and biocompatible natural chemical produced by our own white blood cells (neutrophils) as part of our own natural immune system.

 VITA 4-in-1 is free of skin sensitization and irritation.

International scientific studies have proven that HOCI kills ALL viruses, bacteria, bacterial spores, yeasts, fungi and prions, even the most hospital resistant pathogens, and yet HOCI remains 100% safe.

A large proportion of infections (including COVID-19) begin their infection routes through the upper respiratory tract (nasal and oral passages).

VITA 4-in-1 has been scientifically proven to support our own natural immune system for the treatment of all viral and bacterial infections in the upper respiratory tract (URT) such as colds, flu’s, sinusitis, oral ulcers, etc.

VITA 4 in 1 Sanitiser is 100% safe, 100% non-toxic, 100% effective and 100% natural.

Hypochlorous (HOCl) 0.01 – 0.02% ph 5 – 6.9

Colourless solution with mild chlorine smell and taste.

Use as is, do not dilute. Use as directed.

There are no known side effects of VITA 4-in-1.

VITA 4-in-1 is a natural, non-toxic and biocompatible product.

There are no known adverse symptoms of overdose of VITA 4-in-1.

VITA 4-in-1 must be stored in a dark cool place below 25°C.

Keep out of direct sunlight at all times.

Recap after use.

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