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Choosing the right fire extinguisher


No one expects a break out of flames and yet every year fires cause significant damage to property and loss of life. Fires can quickly spread out of control if one isn’t adequately prepared and have fire suppression technology nearby.

It is important that fire extinguishers be used safely and effectively on a fire that the extinguisher was designed for. What you should also keep in mind when choosing a fire extinguisher, is knowing which extinguisher is suitable for which type of flammable situation.

There are fire extinguishers that can be used on A, B or C-class fire or a combination of the three fire classes. To choose the right fire extinguisher it is important to know about fire classes.

Understanding the types of fire

There are 5 classes of fires, namely A, B, C, D, and K.  The class indicates which fire extinguisher should be used.

Class A: considered to be ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, rubber, fabrics and many plastics.

Class B : FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS: petrol, diesel, oils, paint, lacquer and tar.

Class C: INVOLVING LIVE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT, includes energized electrical equipment like switchboards and control panels.

Class D: COMBUSTIBLE METALS or COMBUSTIBLE METAL ALLOYS. These are fires involving magnesium, titanium, potassium and sodium. Also included are aluminium, zinc, lead or lithium metal fires.

Class K : FIRE IN COOKING APPLIANCES – vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Common causes of household fires in South Africa:

Heating appliances,

cooking appliances,

burning wood,

candles, and

chemical – e.g. oil or petrol, paint etc.

Fire extinguisher for Chemical and electrical fires

This type of fire is extremely dangerous and extinguishers that use water or foam should never be used under any circumstances.

They can spread the fire and cause electrocution. Dry chemical powder extinguishers are used for these kinds of fires.

Choosing a suitable extinguisher for your home

Although sprinkler systems are the preferred fire suppression system in new construction, there are other fire extinguishing systems available for commercial use. The stored pressure dry chemical powder extinguishers are suitable for A, B or C class fires or a combination of ABC class fires.

All the extinguishers supplied by Advanced Fire Suppression conform to the minimum fire ratings and extinguishers supplied conform to fire ratings specified in SANS 1910:2009. For more information on our comprehensive range click here.

fire exthinghuisher safety
DCP extinguishers (Dry chemical extinguishers) come in handy sizes.

Choose the fire extinguisher product by weight. These are small and medium DCP types that are suitable for Class B & C and store easily.

1kg DCP fire extinguisher
1.5kg DCP fire extinguisher
2.5kg DCP fire extinguisher
4.5kg DCP fire extinguisher
9kg DCP fire extinguisher



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These products are part of our comprehensive range. Visit to see our brands and full fire extinghuisers product list.

All the fire extinguishers supplied by Advanced Fire Suppression conform to the minimum fire ratings and extinguishers supplied conform to fire ratings specified in SANS 1910:2009.

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